tees are inspired by and created for the growing and vibrant natural hair community. We know how proud you are of your kinks. We see how your faces light up when another curly 'fro walks into the room. We hear you chat excitedly about the new styles and products you can't wait to try. And we want to give you a high-quality, eye-catching, and fun shirt to wear that says to the world... I'm Black, I'm nappy, and I'm proud of it! ♥
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Purchased all the #diy #naturalhair ingredients I needed from @WholeFoods today! Tomorrow, I’m in the #haircare lab! #teamnatural #healthyhair (Taken with Instagram)

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    Might just try this concoction.
  7. building-hugger said: I didn’t realize Whole Paycheck had such an assortment of hair care available.
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    amen to that African Black soap! I use it for everything! and my friends laugh cuz all my hair products are home made....
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